Custom Belt provides Italian leather straps provides Italian leather straps for your favorite belt buckle whether you purchased it in Santa Fe, Milan, Cape Cod, your last trip to Hong Kong , or that special find in your local antique shop.  You looked everywhere to find that perfect belt strap, to find that perfect buckle, and you are at the end of your wits. Well, the White Knight has come!

With Custom Belts, you can order an Italian strap for your buckle. Go to our strap details to find the width you need or email us with specific custom measurements.

Complete belts, that is, a strap and buckle, are of excellent design, fine quality and renowned workmanship.

Our limited edition belt buckles are designed by Elaine Coyne and Sheriden Starr. Elaine Coyne’s buckle concepts are contemporary interpretations of art history. We specialize in refined hand forging by Master Metalsmith, Sheriden Starr, Lost Wax Cast refined detailing by Elaine Coyne and solid brass theme elements with one-of-kind patinas. We have been fortunate to do custom buckles or straps for celebrities throughout the world, such as Andy Williams, Gary Player and the Tennessee Walking Horse celebration and the Sherlock Holmes Club of America and England, to mention a few . Become part of the mystique and treat yourself or a loved one with Elaine Coyne’s limited edition belt buckle creations by clicking on just buckles or complete belt

Custom Leather Belts are created in top grain Italian leathers and custom made in the USA at our designer studio since 1974. We have handled nearly every need but, look forward to new concepts as the market changes. The changes have successfully kept us on our toes.

Custom Leather Belt Straps are feather edged and are leather-lined for comfort and durability. Most straps come with snaps so you can collect a variety of straps to work easily with your total wardrobe. All custom leather belts are stitched around the edge for lasting durability.

Men's Italian leather belts and women's Italian leather belts are available in all widths. Our selection of leathers is vast. Textures are smooth, grained, high polish and semi polishedtwo tone croc imprints and paisley imprints in a full range of desirable colors and widths.

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