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All our belts are made of fine Italian leather.

When ordering a size, make sure you add 2” to the size that you measure. If you have a 36” waist, another 2” is needed for the additional fabric of a shirt and pants material. If you measure *over* clothing that measurement will be perfect. You will be getting an email to confirm, size, color and width of the belt you order. Since it is “custombelt”, we actually make each strap custom and there are no returns for belts which were ordered too small. If you order a belt too large, yes, we can shorten it. But we can't make a belt which is too short "longer". For leather quality, we have a full year warrantee against defects. If there is any question, call us at 1-800 741-2523 and/or send us your complete description here

Don't see your width here? Just fill out our contact form and describe your buckle. You can also attach a photo to the form and we will get right back to you. Contact Us

To be absolutely correct on colors and textures, order free swatches.

Order a Custom Strap

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