Belt SizingSizing Guide

Belts are always 2 inches longer than your waist size because of pants material.  Forget what it might say on the inside of a manufactured belt you own.  The only way to get your true belt size is to actually measure through your belt loops of your pants.  It's IMPORTANT.  You are ordering a custom made belt and we both want to get it right.  While we can shorten a belt which is ordered too long, we cannot do anything with belts that you ordered too short.  Please get the sizing right as we do not take belts back which were ordered too short.


Belt Sizing Chart


*Please* make sure you get the sizing correct. We prefer that you send us an old belt with your current size marked off with a paper clip so that no mistakes are made. Otherwise, measure your waist size *over* clothing, through pants loops. Normally, if you wear say, 36" pants, you need a 38" belt (it will fit 36" to 40" over clothing). Your pants material typically adds two inches to your waist size.  To repeat, we do not take custom belts back which you ordered too short!
Please call us if you have any questions: 1-800-741-2523

Also, make sure you get the correct color. Order swatches if you are unsure.