Store Wholesale Information

Yes, we can supply products to your store at wholesale.  Our parent company, Elaine Coyne Galleries, continues to provide belts and jewelry, designed by Elaine Coyne and manufactured in the US, to stores worldwide at wholesale.


To get started, just fill out our short registration and type in your store name and the store address for us to verify.  When you register, under Additional Information, just let us know that you would like your login to be wholesale.  Once we verify that you are indeed a reseller, we will approve you for wholesale and email you.  Once you are approved, when you login, all the pricing will show the wholesale price.  The minimum for a first order at wholesale is 12 pieces from our entire line, belts, buckles, jewelry, etc.  After that we have small minimum reorders.

We have been providing belts and jewelry to specialty and department stores worldwide for over thirty years.